This Man Invented an Ever-Lasting Electronic Flower as a Present for His Wife

The gift is next level

February 13, 2019

Sean Gallup / Staff

It's almost Valentine's Day and you might be feeling good about your upcoming plans, until along comes a guy on Twitter to put us all to shame with a gift he invented for his wife.

Jiří Praus from the Czech Republic built his wife a mechanical tulip, one that illuminates and glows, opening with just the swipe of a hand. When you caress the "leaf" of the flower, it blooms in various colors, lighting up the room. Not content to get a good gift, Praus seems to have invented the best gift. Take a look.

The whole thing has us rethinking this Outback Gift Card. Does anyone know if you can do prime shipping from the Czech Republic? 

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Jiří Praus does happen to have a store where he sells these amazing inventions, you can check it out here for next year.