Thanks to Beyoncé the Louvre Broke Their Visitor Record in 2018

The Carters "APES**T" clip inspired a lot of new travelers

January 4, 2019

Hang one night with Yoncé, and she'll make you famous. Well, more famous.

The world's most visited museum, The Louvre, managed a 25 percent increase in attendance in 2018, thanks to the popularity of The Carters "APES**T" clip which was filmed in the museum. Beyoncé and Jay Z showing off in front of famous works of art raised an already high profile for the location, and saw visitors spike since the video's release. 10.2 million people visited the museum in 2018, beating the previous record for the French landmark achieved in 2012.

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“The Beyoncé video, like the opening of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, ensured that the Louvre was talked about across the world, and one of the consequences of that is the spectacular rise in visitor numbers last year” museum’s director Jean-Luc Martinez explained in a recent French radio interview.

The museum has fully embraced their new status, even offering a tour to follow the route which Jay and Bey take through the video.