We Can't Stop Watching This Muppets Rap Battle From 'Drop the Mic'

Kermit The Frog takes the high road, but Miss Piggy is straight savage

February 1, 2019

We've seen The Muppets do some amazing things, but we never knew they had bars like this.

Kermit The Frog and Pepé stepped to the mic against Miss Piggy and Beaker on this week's edition of TBS' Drop The Mic. As Method Man and Hailey Bieber looked on, the four did battle on the beat.

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Things started nice enough with Kermit opting to extend pleasantries rather than try to body his opponents. "I'm excited to be here competing in rhyme, now lets all play fair and try to have a good time" rapped Kermit. "And also Miss Piggy working with you is rough, because you're so talented you show the rest of us up."

Unfortunately, the frog brought a knife to a Miss Piggy fight, as the swine star let Notorious KFG have it. "You used to be a star it was easy being green, but now you're just a tea-sipping glorified meme." Wow. Shots fired from Muah.

Watch the whole thing unfold above, and see if Kermit and Pepe manage to get in the game.

For what it's worth, Kermit may have been burned by Lil Miss Piggy, but he seems to remain in good spirits.