WORLD PREMIERE: Katy Perry Soars Past the Pain on "Never Really Over"

Her first solo song in two years launches a new era

May 30, 2019
Katy Perry - Never Really Over

Capitol Records

With "Never Really Over", Katy Perry returns and seems to be setting a hopeful new tone. 

The singer and American Idol judge is back with flowing colors and a song she tells Good Morning America is about, "learning to heal your heart, let go and find a place to unite." It's a different mood from where we last left Perry, who painted with the darker strokes of pop and sneered through parts of her last album, Witness. The flexing bravado and existential observation of tracks like "Swish Swish" and "Chained To The Rhythm" respectively, give way to a brighter and more optimistic approach on the first offering of her new era.

The old familiar longing is still haunting in "Never Really Over", but it's approached with a self-assured maturity and fully realized sense of the situation.

The shift makes sense for Perry, reflecting all the good that has happened to the "Roar" singer since she debuted at number one in 2017. After a soul-bearing, Big Brother-style live stream and a massive publicity blitz, Perry took Witness around the world with a nearly year-long tour. With over 115 dates, Witness: The Tour crossed the globe and ranked as one of the top tours of the year.

She followed the tour up with a few standout one-off collaborations with Calvin Harris and Zedd, launched a shoe line, made her way into a video game, and got engaged to Orlando Bloom. Did we mention American Idol? It's a pretty positive space to occupy, and it's reflected in the presentation of "Never Really Over."

"Never Really Over" is a RADIO.COM World Premiere, which means you can hear it here first and all throughout the day on Friday May 31st, beginning at midnight ET.