Anthony Behar, USA Today

Nicki Minaj Covers College Costs for Twitter Followers

By: Joe Hyer

May 8, 2017

If you stay up late on the weekend, you may want to start paying attention to Nicki Minaj's Twitter account. Yeah, it could pay off... big time.

Minaj was tweeting about a promotion late Saturday (May 6), but one Twitter follower suggested that she pay off his college expenses instead of offering a trip. 

Well, Minaj actually took the bait. She responded by saying if he could prove he had straight A's that she would support his education. 

The charity spree did not stop there. Fans kept sending requests to have Minaj help with college expenses. They were asking for support with tuition, books, supplies, and even student loans. Minaj agreed to help in more than a dozen cases. 

She even agreed to pay a "couple" of student loans for this guy: 

That's super kind, Nicki!

In some cases, she asked for verification of their good grades. Then she said if those fans messaged their banking info that she would hook them up.

It's tough to total up the amount of money that Minaj donated to these students, but it looks like she was quite generous.

Looking for some support for your education? Keep your grades up, and Nicki says she'll try to do this again "in a month or 2."