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Oprah is Launching Unique Line of Health Foods

By: Kelly Meyers

August 9, 2017

You get a car! You get a car! Well, not quite. Instead of giving everyone cars, Oprah will be helping us all get some healthy comfort foods.

The 63-year-old media mogul will be launching a new line of food products. She has been endorsing Weight Watchers since 2015.

The announcement means that the company will launch a new line of food, which will be called O.

How fitting, right? It's amazing that Oprah can be branded by one letter. That's life goals. Right? 

It's a partnership between Oprah and Kraft Heinz. The line will be a little different than other healthy foods. It will include things like mashed potatoes, other side dishes, and soups.

They will all be healthy. Healthy mashed potatoes? YES! 

I am feeling the need to break out that famous Oprah Winfrey meme. It's been modified to fit all different pop culture references, but it still fits:

The products will begin appearing in grocery stores this month (August), and they are expected to be available nationally by October.