Pet Of The Week - 3 Desperado's Who's Mommy Passed Away

August 29, 2016

Three beautiful & gentle kitties have been left homeless after their owner passed away. The family has listed the house to sell and the cats remain there for now. The house is being emptied out and I'm sure the commotion and absence of their "mom" is very disturbing.  The family members want the cats gone so they can sell the house and reap the rewards.

Dalmie is a black and white neuter male. He is shy until he gets to know you. He gets along great with the other two cats. He loves to play with Gati. Gati is a tabby and white handsome boy, neutered also. He is very loving and likes to sit in the windowsill and watch the world go by. Nana is the spayed female calico. Nana is very loving and curious about everything. All these cats get along well. Daughter-in-law says the cats are around 5 years old. She is allergic to the cats and needs homes for them as soon as possible.

Small adoption fee and application. Please consider these beautiful cats for fast adoption!


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