Ramona's Top Foodie Finds At Summer Attractions In Charlotte

July 20, 2018

When you’re hanging at one of Charlotte’s top summer attractions and the hanger set in, what should you buy? Let’s face it, you’re shelling out big bucks for concessions, so you’d better choose wisely or waste of ton of cash for a snack or meal that was just “meh”. I’ve made the rounds and these are my favorite picks:


Make a stop at Chickie’s and Pete’s to grab some crabfries between rides. If you aren’t from New Jersey or Philadelphia then you’ve probably never heard of this sports bar. Their only Southern location is at the amusement park and their crinkle-cut fries seasoned with Old Bay are the truth.

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They serve them with a cup of white cheese sauce for dipping, but you don’t even need the sauce to enjoy the fried deliciousness. As a bonus, the sauce comes in a small container that hangs from the cup of fries so you only need one hand to dip and eat.


BB&T Ballpark

My cousin who visited the ballpark recently fell in love with the barbeque from Queen City Q, but you’ll find my favorite spot on the third-base side of the concourse. The tacos at Salsa’s are a home run! The flavoring on the fajita-style chicken rivals the taste you’d get at a spot like Salsarita’s or Moe’s. They offer a nice variety of toppings too.

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U.S. National Whitewater Center

River’s Edge is the restaurant at the Whitewater Center and the food is surprisingly great. This eatery could survive in any neighborhood thanks to a refreshing selection of dishes.

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It appeases the tourists, hippies and families who get hungry before or after rafting, canoeing, kayaking or rock climbing. You can bring your vegan or vegetarian buddy and won’t hear a single complaint. The best appetizer is the fried pickles. While I’ve never had salad at River’s Edge that I didn’t like, go for one of their burgers after you work up an appetite with the activities.  Best of all, you can  order your burger with a beef, chicken breast or veggie patty.


Charlotte Motor Speedway

Refuel at the Speedway Club and your taste buds with thank you for miles to come. My suggestion is to wait until Tuesday night and hit up the buffet.

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Oh, you’ve heard that you have to be a member to eat at the club? True, but insiders say that as a non-member you can make a reservation and dine there one time. It’s a great experience, however you’ll have the leave your Dale Jr. t-shirt at home. This is fancy, y’all; cut-offs, ripped jeans, athletic wear and flip-flops are a big no-no.  Too pricey? Enjoy the summer shootout with chicken supremes from Bojangles and for dessert you must have the fried oreos from Fun Oh Cakes.