Green Ways To Save Green

April 17, 2017

Save money and the environment at the same time! From food to travel, here's some ways to go green that'll keep more green in your wallet...

Try apps like Waze and iCarpool to share the costs of daily trave. Did you know that North Carolina also offers a FREE ridematching service? You'll get a list of people in your area with similar work schedules who want to carpool.

Make your own _____ at home.
Cut down on food costs by growing some of your own at home! Grow some of your own veggies; even apartment dwellers can grow tomatoes and herbs. There's also many household cleaners you can make yourself; the same goes for beauty products as well. You can find ideas for natural beauty products in The Green Beauty Guide.

Recycle those electronics.
Instead of letting those old electronics turn into paperweights, sites like YouRenew will pay you for your used smartphones, tablets and more!


Also, The Link is dedicated to protecting our planet through sustainable living. Together we can make Charlotte beautiful! Find out more about 1Thing Charlotte here.