More Mall Stores Shut Down: Why You Shouldn't Be Sad

February 10, 2017

R.I.P. Wet Seal. So long to The Limited. Even though I found some great deals when my local Sears at the mall in Gastonia, NC shut down its been tough saying farewell to stores I visited with my mom as a kid. Heck, if it wasn’t for Sears, there wouldn’t have been a place for chubby kids to get clothes back in the 70s. Before other stores caught on that some children are wider than others, Sears had our meaty little backs with Husky and Pretty Plus sizes. Many of us grew up on JC Penney but after its disastrous “no more sales or coupons” pricing strategy we’ve seen 70+ stores go bye-bye over the past two years. Now it looks like Macy’s could be the next to go.  Macy’s has announced plans to drop 68 locations this year. What’s a mall to do without those traditional anchor stores to draw us in?

Let’s face it. Some of those anchors are nothing more than shortcuts to get to the stores you really want to shop. I can’t be the only person picking my parking spot based on how close it is to the stores in the heart of the mall I want to visit. I can imagine that the retailers near the wing of a dying department store don’t get much foot traffic. Hopefully mall owners like Simon Property Group and Macerich are giving them a break on rent because it’s tough to lure shoppers to a pretzel stand when everything they came to the mall for is on the other side of the property.

Oddly the malls don’t seem to be mourning Sears, JC Penney or even Macy’s. Why? They can turn those giant stores into several smaller stores and get more rent money and possibly boost foot traffic.  But what’s the benefit to shoppers? More variety of stores at the mall and of course when those behemoths shut down there are sales, BIG DISCOUNTS for all!

Are malls secretly hoping Sears goes bankrupt?