Ramona Holloway Celebrates 7 Year Anniversary of Gastric Bypass Surgery

January 18, 2019

7 years ago on January 17, 2012, I had gastric bypass surgery. I get little frustrated when people say “Oh, well this person did it without surgery.” That’s fine! I used surgery as my tool.

One of the reasons was that I was morbidly obese with Type 2 diabetes; it runs in my family. The day after I had my gastric bypass surgery at Catawba Valley Medical center, one of the things that happened even before I started losing weight was my diabetes started going into remission. I left the hospital without the need for medication, and I haven’t had to take any since.

I’m thankful for this tool, however, I’ve had to work on the inside stuff...the mental stuff. Caring about me more.

When I was morbidly obese I was not lazy; I was not dumb. It wasn’t about willpower. It was about managing my emotional, spiritual and mental health. And until I addressed the inside, what was happening on the outside was way too much to handle.

I wrote a piece about #MuteRKelly because I am a childhood sexual assault survivor. If you watch that show My 600-lb Life, often times in their stories there’s a point where you find out they’ve suffered some type of abuse, some type of trauma. There is stress, trauma, addiction and all sorts of things wrapped up in obesity.

So before we judge and say we should do it with or without surgery, applaud. Support. Encourage. Pray for them. Everybody has a journey; everybody who’s morbidly obese has something else going on besides a lack of willpower. Be the person who offers positive reinforcement and encourages that person to get help.