I Suffered Cleavage Karma.

February 19, 2019

Over the weekend I hung out at some of the NBA All Star activities, and I learned an important lesson: slut shaming is not good.

My mother has done it my whole life; I’ve caught myself doing it and realized I need to break the cycle. This weekend, my shaming came back on me in a big way.

I was talking on the air about how women had their boobs out at Julius Peppers’ sneaker gala...they came ready to play! I gave my date props because they were out everywhere and he wasn’t even tempted to look. Fast forward to Saturday...I was at an All-Star Weekend day party with a friend of mine. I looked over and saw a woman wearing leggings with see-through parts and a bra. That was her party outfit, and I said to my friend in a snarky tone, “Mmhmm...I takes a lot of confidence to party in your bra.”

A couple of hours later I’m watching the slam dunk contest with my friend and a sorority sister of mine, and a group of girls walk by. Super hot girls. Incredibly scantily clad.

My one friends says, “Looks like it’s showtime at the strip club!” The other says, “Oh my god, they’ve got ‘whore’ written all over them.” I agreed.

I asked everyone, “Hey, what does everyone want?” since I was gonna get some wings and hook up our little group. I walk up to the bar and I catch my own reflection in the bar mirror. I realized the tank top I had on, the one I’d been tugging on all night to make sure it was long enough to cover my bum, was now UNDERNEATH my bra.

So now I’m out here partying in a bra….basically a bra and a blazer.

Do my friends not love me?!?! Who knew that I was out here with my boobs hanging out?!?! A friend of a friend who was with us said, “Listen, I just met you, I didn’t know if you were that kind of girl or not.” One of my friends said, “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you and you are single…”

When have you ever known me to be like that?

Then I had to think...what have I been doing? Looking at women, judging them for what they wear. Meanwhile, I look like meemaw showed up to the party ready to breastfeed.

I’m judging myself now.