From One Caregiver To Another, I'm Grateful For Our Listeners.

January 24, 2019

A couple of years ago I connected with one of our listeners, her name is Margaret. We were talking about my best dressed men’s list, and we also chatted about being caregivers for our moms.

Over the years we have met some AMAZING people because of this show; the listeners of The Matt & Ramona Show have loved us in all sorts of ways. So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really feeling anxious about needing more care for mom...our needs are growing.

The woman who helps us now helps us in the afternoons, but I also know that she has some other career aspirations. I’ve really been praying that we can find more help at the house despite not really knowing which way to go. Out of the blue I got a message from this listener who I met probably two years ago. She remembered our conversation, and the worst thing had happened to her; she lost her mom. But she was also left with an amazing caregiver who took care of her mom until her mom passed away.

She connected with the caregiver and said “I will try to help you find another family who needs someone like you.” She immediately said that I came to mind and I remembered the conversation that we had two years ago.

So she reached out to me and I’m gonna interview this woman. I don’t know if she’s gonna be a good fit or not, but just knowing how the people who listen to this show connect with us over the crazy things that go on in their lives, and how they’re willing to help us, is just an amazing thing.

Prayers answered.