Ramona's 7 Things Every Single Girl Should Do Before Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2017

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy love month. Loving yourself should be high on your list of priorities anyway so take some time to spoil yourself. You’ll feel better after you do and that’s always a plus.

Splurge! Buy an outfit or even new lingerie that makes you feel good when you wear it.

Get Online. If you’ve never tried internet dating create a profile just for the fun of it. It’ll give you an opportunity to check out the dating pool and you can brush up on your flirting skills. Sign up without a picture if you are shy, but if you are serious about making a connection a recent pic of you is crucial.  You can even create a fake profile on a free site and sign up as a different gender to check out the competition. It’ll give some ideas on what you should or shouldn’t do.  If you haven’t had luck on one site in the past, try another.

Makeover your Makeup. Get your makeup done professionally. You can learn some new tricks and try some new products and colors.

Dress up. Whether its dinner at a nice restaurant or a charity event, find someplace to go that requires you to dress up. You can even host a fancy dinner party at your own home. You don’t need a date to have an excuse to look your best.

Flirt. Smile and give a compliment to a stranger…. or many strangers

Show Up . Research meet-ups, churches, clubs and classes in your area that interest you and join the fun. Whether its learning, exercising or simply trying out new restaurants it’ll give you an opportunity to meet new people and get out of the house. Even a support group of some sort can provide a social outlet that’s currently missing from your life.

Follow Them. Follow a blogger that interests and inspires you. “Social” media gives us the chance to interact with people we’d never meet otherwise. You can even follow a potential love interest on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.