Help Ramona Choose Her Heart Ball Dress

January 15, 2020

I’ll be the emcee of the American Heart Association’s 62nd Annual Great Charlotte Heart Ball on February 15th.

Charlotte’s Heart Ball is a fun black-tie event. About 1000 guests are expected for the dinner, auctions and dancing. Each time I’ve been a part of this event I’ve worn a different gown and have enjoyed allowing Matt & Ramona Show listeners help me pick the right look.  

After hosting one or two formal events every year for nearly 20 years I have several gowns. I donate most of them to charities, but I’ve held onto a few. This year, I decided to bring back one of my favs for the Heart Ball. There are pros and cons to each one.


1       Fuchsia Flower. I love the magenta color and it compliments my skin, but I’m going to have to double up on Spanx. This one definitely reminds me that I need to live the mission of the AHA because fighting cardiovascular disease boils down to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.(

2       Fred’s Garden. This gown reminds me of my grandfather’s flower garden. He took great pride in having the most beautiful flower garden in Oberlin, OH and spent winters combing through seed catalogs. The style hides a multitude of snack sins and there is a certain elegance to the beading.

3       Strapless Ruffles. This is the cheapest gown I own. All of the others came from the Dillard’s Outlet in Gastonia, but I found this one marked down to just $12 at K & G. The fabric doesn’t have the same quality of the other gowns, but it photographs well and lets me flaunt a little leg

4       One Shoulder Crimson. Red is my favorite color and it is the signature color of AHA. The only problem is this one is tight across my chest and I wore a similar one shoulder, red gown last year.

5       Goddess Cream. This gown fits perfectly and I already own jewelry that will set it off, but its off white and I’m a hopelessly messy human. I’d be really paranoid about getting dirty before getting on stage.

There you have it. Please vote. My red carpet DO or DON’T is in your hands!