Repurpose Your Way Into Saving Money

March 6, 2017

Growing up repurposing was a way of life. Old margarine containers became the budget version of “Tupperware.” Brown paper grocery bags covered books and packages that needed to be mailed. Newpapers cleaned windows and lined the cages of our pets. Quilters never let a piece of fabric go to waste.  We shouldn’t turn our backs on the good of days of finding new uses for old things.

Every trip to a yard sale or thrift store brings an opportunity to give new life to an item for very little money. The window treatments in my home office were once a cotton throw. Drapes from an old house that didn’t suit my new home were fashioned into beautiful cascade valances. Grandma’s old clip earrings gave a little interest to some plain black flat shoes.

In some cases you might want to give the job to a local alteration shop; in other cases all you need is a glue gun or staple gun. Here's a few ideas for you...feel free to offer a few of your own!