3 Germaphobe Habits You Should Definitely Follow During Cold And Flu Season

February 7, 2019

Flu season has given this germaphobe a reason to be proud. Thanks to the diligence of people like me, the flu isn't spreading as fast as it could. Frankly, if you want to stop the flu bug in its deadly tracks you should do what we do!

At the very least wash your hands the minute you get home and make sure your whole family does too. Of course you're washing after you use the restroom and before you do anything in the kitchen, like cooking and eating. Make sure you and your kids wash with warm water while you count to 40; that's approximately the time it takes to sing "Happy Handwashing To You," which is a catchier version of the Happy Birthday song. Use a CLEAN paper towel to dry and use the paper towel to turn off the dirty faucet handle.

Germaphobes are attentive to surfaces. Our desks, sinks, phones, steering wheels, keyboards, light switches, handles and door knobs are bleached AF.

If I shake your hand I'm seconds away from using hand sanitizer. There are covert coughers, sneezers, ear diggers, finger lickers and nose pickers among us. We don't always know who they are. Also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

There are things we could all do to better protect ourselves from the flu bug: get plenty of sleep and moderate exercise, make healthy food choices and keep stress at a minimum. However, when it comes to keeping the disease at bay germaphobes are society's best defense.

You're welcome.