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The Real Reason Why Ed Sheeran Deleted His Twitter Account

Plus, you may not realize why he had a cameo on the show

July 20, 2017

Rumors have swirled this week that Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter account earlier this week becuase he was facing too much criticism after his appearance on Sunday's episode HBO's Game of Thrones. Those rumors are not really true.

If you'll recall, Ed has previously spoken out against the toxic enviornment on Twitter. He has spoken out against internet trolls who bully others online, and mentioned that he would really cut back on his Twitter usage. Sheeran made these comments just a few weeks ago.

This week, Sheeran's Twitter account was temporarily deleted. It happened just hours after his guest role on Game of Thrones. Sheeran's appearance on the show was met with a LOT of criticism from Twitter trolls who seemed annoyed about his role on the show. 

Sheeran posted on Instagram that he "was always intending to come off Twitter." He went on to say that it had nothing to do with his Game of Thrones appearance, and the "timing was just a coincidence." 

Sheeran's role on Game of Thrones, by the way, was tied to one of his biggest fans. The show's creators David Benioff and DB Weiss told a panel at South by Southwest in Austin, TX back in March that they had been trying to get Sheeran on the show for a while to surprise Maisie Williams

Ed's next stop will be Springfield. He'll be a guest star on the upcoming season of The Simpsons