Researchers Discover What Women Find Most Physically Attractive In Men

The answer may surprise you!

May 22, 2018

Ok, fellas. Pay attention. 

If you're trying to find that special woman in your life, there's one particular part of the body that researchers have concluded women find the most physically attractive. And it probably isn't that part of the body you're thinking of.  

According to a study published in Royal Society Open Science, women are most inclined to look at a potential mate's proportions due to evolutionary pressures having a "strong influence on female romantic perceptions." Researchers would manipulate computer simulations of over 9,000 men to volunteer women.  They would elongate or shorten arms and legs and could create ideal body types for their volunteers.  And it was clear there was one part of the body that drove women wild.

You ready for this?  Legs.  

If the male's legs were close to half of their heights, the volunteers' hearts would absolutely race. If the legs were shorter or longer than average, women's eyes began to wander. Lead researcher William Skylark wrote in the study, "Leg-body ratios that are slightly above the mean are associated with high socioeconomic status, good nutrition and developmental stability, as well as biomechanical efficiency during locomotion. The observed preference for LBRs that are at or slightly above the population mean accords with the idea that these LBRs signal the fitness of the prospective mate."

So there ya go, dudes. If you're looking for a date, just grow your legs a little!

(Via NY Post)