Shannen Doherty Says Her Cancer is in Remission

By: Joe Hyer

May 1, 2017

Shannen Doherty's cancer is officially in remission. Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. 

The 90210 actress shared the good news in a very emotional Instagram post this weekend. In the post, she noted there were still struggles ahead including reconstructive surgeries and the possibility of a cancer recurrence. However, she marked the occasion by saying that she was going to take some to breathe. Doherty considered herself to have been blessed. 

Moments. They happen. Today was and is a moment. What does remission mean? I heard that word and have no idea how to react. Good news? YES. Overwhelming. YES. Now more waiting. As every single one of my fellow cancer family knows, the next five years is crucial. Reoccurrences happen all the time. Many of you have shared that very story with me. So with a heart that is certainly lighter, I wait. In the meantime, decisions. Reconstruction which is several surgeries. Decision on taking a pill for the next five years that comes with its own set of problems and side effects. I am blessed, I know that. But for now.... remission. I'm going to just breathe. #cancerslayer

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Doherty's battle with cancer has been very public. The 46-year-old actress shared frequently photos from her battle with cancer.

She shared photos of some of the roughest moments like this one:

This day, when I first had to shave my head since my hair was falling out from chemo.....laughing thru the tears. It's grown back since. Funny how hair at the time seems like such a big deal. Thank you @annemkortright for jumping in and doing what needed to be done. @themamarosa

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Plus, she often thanked those who helped her as she battled the disease.

Petscan with Mike who is always patient with me. IV, tape, contrast.....Yuck. Just one of many test cancer patients get to determine if cancer has spread, where it is etc. for me, the worse part is waiting for results. Cancer is a long and winding path that is forever unpredictable. Sorry for the bad camera work. Nerves got me. #cancerslayer

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We wish you all of the best, Shannen!