Spelling Is Fun! Some Of Taylor Swift's New Merchandise Has A Typo

Fans are noticing the subtle mistake

June 7, 2019

By: Eric Donnelly 

I promise that you'll never find another like me!

Swifties on Twitter are losing it after realizing the new Taylor Swift merch they purchased has a small typo on it! In her new song "ME!", Tay Tay sings "spelling is fun," so the irony isn't missed when it comes to this...

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Fans couldn't believe they hadn't caught the misprint until now. Apparently, the typo only exists on the cropped version of the top and not on the full length one. The item features the lyrics "You're the only one of you, baby, that's the fun of you" from "ME!" The typo happens in the first word -- it's spelled "Your'e" instead of "You're."

Honestly, it's such a minute thing and a simple mistake. People had mentioned returning the item, but come on... it's so minor and if you haven't realized it for months then no one else is going to.

There really shouldn't be a huge discussion about this at all, but you know, like, the Internet. See it all below.