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Spring Safety Tips For Pets

March 27, 2017

April celebrates the coming of spring and with the change of the season, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning, celebrations, and home-improvement projects. Before jumping into the seasonal chores, consider how this change affects our four-legged friends: 

Stop Heat Stroke. It takes time for pets to adjust to the warmer weather. Pet parents should remember that inside of a car can get hot very quickly and they should not leave their animals in the car, even during short trips. 

Heartworm Awareness. April showers bring May flowers - and the bugs! Make sure furry friends are up-to-date with their heartworm preventive medication.

Prevent Lyme Disease. In certain areas of North America, warm weather increases the risk of tick-born diseases. Dogs are recommended to be on a tick prevention plan. 

Every Day is Tag Day! With more trips to the park, hikes, and generally spending more time outside, pets can wander off so be sure that pet parents have proper identification methods put in place. 

Written by our friends at Camp Bow Wow Charlotte