This Stranger's Generosity at an Airport Ticket Counter Has Melted Our Hearts

By: Joe Hyer

March 15, 2017

This Facebook post that went viral this weekend, might just restore your faith in humanity. The Facebook page Love What Matters posted a story about a complete stranger helping a father and his 2-year-old daughter at an airport (in America) with an insanely kind gesture.

Apparently, the father had arrived at the airport counter to check in, and he was told that he would need a ticket for his 2-year-old daughter to board the flight. He did not have a ticket for his daughter. When he booked the trip, his daughter had not had her second birthday yet. His daughter turned two in January (after the flights had already been booked). This particular airline, unfortunately, required tickets for all passengers over the age of 2.

The price for a ticket for his daughter, of course, had skyrocketed because it would be a last minute fare. So the father stepped aside from the counter to make some calls, but he was overheard telling the agent that he couldn’t afford to pay for her ticket.

A woman who was also at the ticket counter stopped to talk with the devastated father after overhearing the conversation. She walked with him back up to the airline's ticket counter, and what she did next has absolutely melted our hearts.

She told the man,”I wanna buy her ticket,” according to the Love What Matters Facebook post. Even the ticket agent seemed surprised by the stranger's generosity.
“You know how much this ticket costs, right?” the ticket agent asked the kind woman.
“$700 something?” the woman responded
The agent told the kind woman that the cost would be $749.
“That’s fine,” the kind woman said as she pulled out her credit card to pay for the ticket.

The father asked for the woman's name to pay her back, but the stranger said, “don’t worry about it.”

The Facebook page says they have been able to confirm the story, and some users claiming to know the woman also say this story is very characteristic of her generosity.

Someone get us a tissue because we’re feeling this one.