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The Three Craziest Things on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Gift Guide 2017

By: Kelly Meyers

December 5, 2017

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to once again outdo herself. She's known for saying some pretty absurd things in the past. And she's also known for endorsing and promoting some pretty extravagantly ridiculous items too. 

Her lifestyle website, Goop.com, finds itself in the news at least a few times a year. This time it's trending because of Gwyneth's insane holiday gift guide. The entire thing is kinda over the top, but I picked a few items that stood out to me.

Honestly, this looks like something I'd display on a shelf not stick you know where. I'm pretty sure when Gwyn started talking about these eggs that many OBGYN's spoke out on how they aren't safe.

If you're a real fan of chocolate, you need this custom chocolate cutter.

There's no price on it because it's custom made. I think it's safe to say; it's going to be quite pricey!

And how about this item? It's a custom folder with your initials monogrammed on it for $94!!! It looks like you standard manila folder, but it's leather. But again, who needs a $94 folder?

Wow! What a list, right?