Alessia Cara Announces Single “Growing Pains” By Having Fans Piece Together Lyrics

She messaged verses to 25 different fans who came together to figure out the puzzle

June 12, 2018
Alessia Cara 60th Annual GRAMMY Award

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After almost three years since her debut album Know-It-All, Alessia Cara is releasing the first single off of her sophomore album.

Alessia rolled out the single by sending pieces of the song to 25 different fans. With the help of a few hints, fans were quickly able to make sense of the lyrics. They worked together to figure out which section was the chorus, what order the lyrics should go in, and even the song title.  

The dedication was real. Some fans even put together notecards to help figure out the correct order.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter often writes about the difficulties of finding yourself and growing up. As a young woman, it’s been super inspiring to see someone so honest and down-to-earth taking over the charts with meaningful and genuine songs.

Based off of the lyrics she’s shared, “Growing Pains” will be no different. The song will be released this Friday, June 15th.

growing pains, the first song from my sophomore album, will be out june 15th.

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