Did We Just Make a BTS x Steve Aoki Shampoo Commercial Happen?

How Aoki’s luscious locks are opening new doors

October 31, 2018
BTS Steve Aoki

Admedia / Press Association

In a ridiculously amazing series of Tweets, the Radio.com station in Chattanooga may have just started the newest viral idea.

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BTS and Steve Aoki recently teamed up for “Waste In On Me,” the k-pop superstar’s first all-English bop and a collab that has us noticing just how beautiful Aoki’s hair is. They had to get Pantene involved, presenting the shampoo brand with the perfect new rep.

Pantene saw the #PanteneOppaSquad hashtag (Oppa being a Korean word for “older brother”) and knew they had to get in on the fun. Even Aoki is on board, replying with a stunning video of his hair blowing in the wind. Slay!!

After realizing that #WasteItOnPantene was the perfect pairing, Pantene has started collecting ideas from the ARMY for the ultimate collab: BTS x Steve Aoki x Pantene. Early ideas include literally just throwing a photo of BTS on the bottles, which of course is guaranteed to immediately boost sales by at least 3548%.