DNCE Drops Groovy EP ‘People to People’

The funky group is moving in a new direction with this short EP

June 19, 2018
DNCE Westfield Century City Reopening Celebration

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DNCE just released People to People, an EP keeping with their feel-good sound but adding depth with more emotional and heartfelt lyrics. In a teaser video shared on Instagram, lead singer Joe Jonas talks about the wonderful balance of wacky and serious in their music.


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The band is stoked to be moving in a new direction and have received super positive reactions from fans embracing the new sound.

Every aspect of this EP shows a lot of thought and passion went into its creation. Even the title means a lot to them, highlighting the connections they try to achieve with their music and the importance of spreading good energy.

Slow and groovy tracks touch on the nature of relationships with a strong bassline taking the forefront, adding an old-school R&B vibe to tracks like “TV In the Morning.”

This short and sweet four-song EP is the perfect way to ease fans into their new sound and smoothy transition into their new direction.