15-Year-Old Vocal Powerhouse Grace VanderWaal Tells the Story of Growing up in “Stray”

Hear how she’s managed growing up in the music industry

February 22, 2019

“And I keep getting it all wrong” Grace VandeWaal sings of the pains of growing up in her brand new single, “Stray.” From using Selena Gomez as a mentor to making sure to always keep her family close, Grace has this whole getting older thing figured out.

Grace VanderWaal has the eloquence, poise, and talent of someone that’s been in the music industry for decades. With inspiration and creativity that effortlessly radiate from her, the young star is here and ready to take over.

Grace just debuted her new song “Stray.” In our exclusive interview, the 15-year-old singer dives into the meaning behind the song and how growing up in the music industry has inspired her. A stunning music video accompanies the track, showing Grace sitting in the dessert as she contemplates life.

“I could see the music video,” she explains of how the idea for powerful visual came to her shot-by-shot.

After releasing her first song at the age of 12, the America’s Got Talent winner already has a polished and recognizable sound. Giving off vibes similar to the ethereal Florence Welch, Grace is well on her way to superstardom.