CNCO Wants to Collaborate With the Jonas Brothers, Why Don’t We, and PRETTYMUCH

Hear from the boys on their dream collaborations

March 1, 2019

CNCO are one of the latest additions to our constantly growing list of boy band obsessions. With hits like “Hey DJ,” the Latin American group is mastering the ever popular move of crossover and bilingual hits.

The charming and uber stylish boys have already put together an impressive resume that includes millions of social media followers, billions of streams, and two Billboard 200 top 40 albums.

After their formation on Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell’s singing competition series La Banda in 2015, a slew of One Direction comparisons immediately started flowing. How could you all say something so controversial yet so true??  

Reggae, pop, and Latin music styles seamlessly come together with the help of their smooth harmonies and in-synch choreography.

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In our exclusive interview, CNCO dished on everyone they’re dying to collaborate with. With the recent return of the Jonas Brothers, they basically had to add the trio of brothers to the list of people they want to work with. From Latin stars to R&B queens to more boy bands, hear about everyone they want to work with in the video above!