George Ezra Explains Why “Shotgun” Almost Didn’t Make It Onto the Album

The singer is diving into his latest hit

January 30, 2019

As it turns out is the case with a bunch of great tunes, one of George Ezra’s biggest hits was one that was almost never written. 

After breaking through with smash hit “Budapest,” the British singer returned with Staying at Tamara’s, a sophomore album that presents an even more polished and infectious sound. Ezra’s warm and soulful vocals sit on top of upbeat grooves, telling stories of love and bliss. 

“I don’t feel attached to the way my voice sounds at any particular time, I like knowing that it will change,” he tells RADIO.COM of his continually evolving sound. 

Along with toning down the self-described “shoutyness” of 2015 debut album Wanted on Voyage, Ezra also pushed himself during the writing process. With a vibe that could easily fit as the soundtrack to a romantic indie film, he creates a world that sounds how rays of sunshine and gusts of salty beach air feel. 

Hear from the singer on how his current hit “Shotgun” didn’t get written until after he thought the album was already finished in the video above.