Khalid Dances Like No One's Watching in “Better” Music Video

But... hundreds of thousands of people are actually watching

November 9, 2018

Khalid is one of those people where everything he does leaves you smiling and feeling like the world is a better place. The singer just dropped his music video for “Better,” asking fans on Twitter if they wanted it before actually coming through and sharing it. Of course we want it!

The laid-back song is now accompanied by an iced-out music video we he breaks it down while surrounded by throwback cars. He really just started the fall fashion trend with his gold chain over a turtleneck look.

“Better” appears on Suncity, a 7-track EP that gives fans his first project since his debut album. Although he’s now 20 years old and can technically no longer claim his title of American Teen, the emotional crooner sticks to his vulnerable songs that highlight his effortless vocals.

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The last time we caught up with Khalid, he gave us a look into the night his EP dropped. From a New Years Eve-like countdown to the surreal moment it was actually out, here’s what Khalid did on Suncity’s release day.