Meghan Trainor Announces New Album 'Treat Myself'

We're obsessed with this holo album cover

June 20, 2018
Meghan Trainor


Meghan Trainor just revealed her third studio album’s release date and artwork on Instagram. The pop superstar’s album Treat Myself will drop on August 31 with pre-orders starting today (June 20)!!

Her gorgeously bedazzled dress makes a statement in the holographic album cover. She also teased a clip from an upbeat and groovy track titled “All The Ways.” 

Treat yourself with #TREATMYSELF AVAILABLE AUGUST 31st PRE-ORDER TOMORROW JUNE 20th -- ps this song is called #alltheways

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We’ve already been gifted three singles from this album. “No Excuses,” “Let You Be Right,” and “Can’t Dance” all keep up with her signature poppy vibe while sprinkling in hints of R&B found in strong basslines. 

Watch her mesmerizingly colorful and sparkly video for “No Excuses” below!