Mike Shinoda Mails Fans Pieces to K. Flay Puzzle

What does the mysterious teasing mean?

September 19, 2018
Mike Shinoda performs

Press Association SIPA USA Today

Mike Shinoda’s fans are putting together pieces to a cryptic puzzle related to his latest single, “Make It Up As I Go.”

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He had recently asked for fans to send them their addresses, leaving no details or explanations for the slightly odd request. We pretty much trust him with our lives, so of course we just gave him all of our personal info without asking any questions.

Although we haven’t received anything in the mail, 27 fans have and are working together to turn the individual pieces into a full picture.

One of the still missing pieces is the most important part: the date. Since the K. Flay assisted track is already out and Shinoda has noted wanting to create music videos for every Post Traumatic song, we’re assuming a video is what’s being teased.