Monsta X Proves Themselves With New Album 'Take.2 We Are Here.'

Get details on their latest release

February 19, 2019

Monsta X is proving they’re here to stay with their brand new album Take.2 We Are Here. The K-pop stars are continuing to take over with their flawless style, super sharp choreography, and incredibly catchy songs.

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With tracks like the Steve Aoki-produced “Play It Cool,” the group is establishing a sound that overcomes any language barriers. We already have “Alligator” on repeat, not to mention the totally captivating video they just released for it.

The 10-track Take.2 We Are Here. comes from years of hard work, consistent releases, and frequent touring from the group. Thanks to their dedication and their Monbebe fans, Monsta X is becoming one of the most widely talked about groups on the internet. Saying you should be keeping an eye on them feels like an understatement.

In just one of our series of exclusive interviews with the group, the quickly emerging stars defined some slang to help you dive into the world of K-pop. Get your K-pop dictionary from Monsta X below!