Rihanna and Donald Glover Confirm Secret Project with New Film Trailer

Get the first look at 'Guava Island'

November 26, 2018
Rihanna and Donald Glover

Press Association / PictureGroup

Rihanna and Donald Glover were recently spotted together in Cuba, sparking rumors of a film potentially titled Guava Island where the two talents star alongside each other. 

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Despite still keeping details under wraps and not revealing too much about their super-secret project, Glover debuted the trailer at his New Zealand Pharos Festival, an event that flows with pop culture and highlights a wide variety of art and talent.

Get the first peek at the film below:

The film looks to be a light-hearted story about Glover and Rihanna’s characters, a couple that lives in Cuba but is unable to really enjoy paradise because life gets in the way… including Glover getting taken hostage.

Check out a previous photo of the duo in character below: