WATCH: Cardi B Roasts Jerry Seinfeld on 'Between Two Ferns'

Zach Galifianakis humiliates the iconic comedian while Cardi steals the show

June 15, 2018
Cardi B arrives at the The 2018 MAXIM Party

Anthony Behar SIPA USA Today

Zach Galiafinakas’ hysterically uncomfortable Between Two Ferns has returned with a bang. Actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld and superstar Cardi B kicked off the show’s first episode in over two years with a roasting session. 

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The tone of the episode is immediately set by a title introducing Seinfeld as “Jerry Signfeld, Funny 1993-1997.”

Zach aggressively interviews Seinfeld, questioning his relevance and grumbling about how he wishes he had a better guest.

Zach's wishes are granted by the appearance of superstar Cardi B who steals the show and quite literally knocks Seinfeld out of his seat. “I'm not even between the ferns anymore. I don't even fit the description of the show!" notes Seinfeld from on top of a milk crate off to the side.

Watch the hilarious episode below: