WATCH: Halsey and Lauren Jauregui Finish Music Video Saga with “Strangers”

The video wraps up Halsey's 'Romeo and Juliet' inspired series

June 20, 2018
Lauren Jauregui and Halsey


After sharing a trailer just a few days ago, “Strangers,” the final installment of Halsey’s music video saga is here. And we’re living for it.

Luna (Halsey) and Rosa (Lauren Jauregui) are shown wearing each other down in a boxing match, getting progressively more agressive and injured. This film, although the last of the series, returns to the beginning to explain how the story came to be. 

Imagery of Halsey robed in red and Lauren in white evokes a vibe of good vs evil. It also highlights the inspiration from Romeo and Juliet, making it a Montagues vs Capulets-esque story.

The full music video saga weaves viewers though a post-apocalyptic world. Dystopian scenes range all the way from heavy symbolism in “Now Or Never” to a much simpler, more feel-good video for “Closer.”