WATCH: Will Smith Continues to Goof Jaden Smith in Unexpected Remix

The most entertaining father-son saga gets a new addition

June 6, 2018
Will Smith and Jaden Smith


Jaden Smith has been building a serious name for himself in the hip-hop world, and is set to drop SYRE: The Electric Album this Friday! 

Smith has established himself as an artist with a style, image, and flow separate from his superstar father's... but Will isn't letting him go that easily. 

    Rapper, actor and king of Instagram Will Smith hops on the Spanish remix of Jaden Smith's "Icon" with an unexpected verse. He hijacks the song with shots fired directly at Jaden and even spits a few bars in Spanish. 

    Will makes sure to remind Jaden who made him an "Icon" in the first place and even threatens to bill Jaden for the role he's played in his success. Seems fair to me! 

    "Boy do you know why you is an icon living? You was born from an icon living!"  

    The official remix features Latin flare from Nicky Jam who shouts out his "loyal haters" in a Spanish verse.