“Where Are Ewe?”: Tom DeLonge Makes Fun of His Pronunciation in Blink-182’s “I Miss You”

February 25, 2019

After telling fans that everyone has been pronouncing Blink-182 wrong, Tom DeLonge is back to make fun his own pronunciation.

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“I have a yead ache” the former Blink-182 member tweeted before fans quickly picked up on the reference. Giving a nod to the classic “I Miss You,” Tom went into a series of Tweets making fun of his age-old pop-punk trick of drawing out words and accidentally stringing them together.

“Don’t waste your time on me / you’re already the voice inside my yead” – the official lyrics, probably.

“Where are ewe?” he later followed the Tweet accompanied a gif of a sheep… since female sheep are called ewes. Fans quickly responded with clever wordplay and more Blink-182 memes.

Along with making fun of his own singing, Tom also teased that he has a new project coming soon for his core fans. Blink-182 is currently working on new music that includes a fan-polarizing collab with The Chainsmokers and an album that Travis Barker compares to their "I Miss You" era self-titled record.