Zedd Explains How He Wrote His Biggest Songs

From “Clarity” to the “Lost In Japan” Remix

December 11, 2018

Zedd is the producer behind some of the biggest pop hits ever, finishing out this year with the massive “The Middle” as Amazon Alexa’s second most requested song of 2018.

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His global success is defined by songs like “Clarity,” a smash hit that almost didn’t even make it onto the album. After finally finding the right vocalist and writing the entire track around a vocal part he was given, the 2012 track came together perfectly. Zedd dives into this story and many more in a new video for GQ.

Starting off by explaining how he got into songwriting because both of his parents make music, he then gives a behind-the-scenes look into a bunch of tracks by touching on everything from the perfectly geeky tech stuff to the stories of how songs came together like a dream. The video showcases his talent and musical knowledge, cutting out room for those people that say it’s “just pressing a button.”