UPDATE: The Royal Family Is OK After Concern from Emergency Buckingham Palace Meeting

By: Joe Hyer

May 4, 2017

UPDATE (Thursday 5/4): After causing some concern overnight about the health of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Buckingham Palace has made an announcement. The announcement was that Prince Philip will step down from public life. 

The Palace's announcement says that The Duke of Edinburgh will attend public events through the end of August. After that, he "may choose" to attend public events from "time to time." 

Prince Philip will turn 96 in June. The Queen, who just celebrated her 91st birthday, will continue to fulfill her public schedule. 

ORIGINAL STORY (Wednesday 5/3):

There are not too many details at this hour (late Wednesday), but concern is growing in England about the Royal Family. 

The staff at Buckingham Palace were reportedly ordered to attend a meeting at 3 am local time on Thursday. Sources are telling the media that meetings for the staff are pretty common. However, the urgency of this meeting is "highly unusual," according to reports

Rumors are flying across the web tonight that this could mean something serious has happened. Those rumors ranged from the possibility that the Queen would step down to the possibility that Prince Philip had passed away. Of course, this is all purely speculative. These are only rumors as nothing has been confirmed at this point. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and were both seen out and about on Wednesday. The Duke of Edinburgh is 95 years old. The Queen celebrated her 91st birthday last month.

Protocol from Buckingham Palace says that official announcements are to be made at 8 am local time. That means that any major announcement would be made around 3 am ET on Thursday.