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WATCH: Coldplay Pulls Fan Onstage to Play "Everglow" on Piano

June 8, 2017

Apparently writing a question on a sign is the way to go at concerts. A few months back, one lucky kid got pulled onstage by Bruce Springsteen to help him play “Growin’ Up” on guitar. This week during Coldplay’s Munich, Germany show on June 6, Chris Martin invited 19-year-old Ferdinand Schwartz onstage to play “Everglow,” Noisey reports.

In the same way it went down at the Springsteen show, Schwartz caught Coldplay’s attention by holding up a sign, asking to play “Everglow.” Ask and you shall receive!



Schwartz was delighted, sharing the following message post-show:


Chris Martin, thank you so much for your trusting me and bringing me up on stage to play Everglow with you tonight, one of the most beautiful Moments of my life! You really didn't have to do this but you did, thanks for this Adventure of a Lifetime! Much love ----❤️-------- #coldplaymunich #everglow #piano #thankyou @coldplay (the video is on yt and Coldplay's facebook if you wanna check it out)

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Moral of the story? It pays to get crafty.