WATCH: Harry Styles Flies Sky High & Walks on Water in "Sign of the Times" Video

By: Joe Hyer

May 8, 2017

This is officially going to be known as the "the spring of Harry Styles."

First, he dropped an incredible power ballad, "Sign of the Times," then he had a killer performance on Saturday Night Live, and just last week he released his second single, "Sweet Creature." That's an impressive spring!

So what's next for Harry? Flying through the sky or walking on water? Well, the answer is actually both of those things.

On Monday Morning (May 8), the 23-year-old dropped his first solo music video of his career. The video is for his hit single, "Sign of the Times." His performance in the video is super impressive. 

As if flying over the tops of mountains wasn't enough, Styles actually appears to walk on water at one point during the video. The music video was filmed on Scotland's Isle of Skye.

We already were obsessed with this song, and now this? Job well done, Harry. Job well done. 

So what's next up on his list? Oh, yeah. It's now time to release his debut album. The 10-track album, Harry Styles, drops on Friday (May 12). Harry will hit the road for his solo tour in September. Tickets for his world tour, by the way, sold out in just seconds last week.