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WATCH: Harry Styles Sings, Dances & Acts on SNL

By: Joe Hyer

April 16, 2017

Harry Styles made his solo performance debut as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night. Saturday's (April 15) episode of the show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Harry Styles proved he was not only gifted musically, but he also showed he was a great actor and dancer.

Musically speaking, Styles performed his new single "Sign of the Times" and another song ("Ever Since New York") on the show.  Both performances were met with generally positive reviews from the usually tough Twitter crowd during the show. 

In terms of his dancing skills, Harry showed the world he had those too. For his opening monologue, host Jimmy Fallon danced through the halls of the SNL studio singing the David Bowie song "Let's Dance." Styles appeared during the dance to show off his slick moves.

What about Harry Styles' acting chops? Well, the 23-year-old offered a very convincing portrayal of Mick Jagger on the show's Family Feud sketch last night. In fact, we were impressed with how he nailed some the Rolling Stones star's expressions and mannerisms. Check it out:

Saturday's broadcast was the first time in the show's history that NBC aired the program live in all timezones.

Harry Styles' self-titled album will be released on May 12.