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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Newborn Son's Frightening Health Issues

By: Joe Hyer

May 2, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel made us all cry last night when he shared an update about his newborn son. Jimmy Kimmel Live! didn't film any new episodes last week, and on Monday (May 1) Kimmel revealed why the show had taken a short hiatus. 

Kimmel's baby, William "Billy" John Kimmel, was born on April 21. In Monday's emotional 13-minute long monologue, the host of the popular ABC show revealed that his newborn son was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that could have taken his life just hours after being born. As Kimmel started to share the news with the audience, he made it clear that the story actually had a happy ending. 

Kimmel told the audience that a nurse checked on the baby and noticed that William appeared to be a look a little purple. After additional testing, doctors identified that the newborn had  "tetralogy of fallot and pulmonary atresia." That means that the infant's pulmonary valve was blocked and there was a hole in his heart wall.

The baby had open heart surgery (and more surgeries are ahead), but he also shared photos of the baby looking happy at home. Kimmel broke down in tears several times as he shared the news on his show.

Kimmel said the outpouring of love and support for his family has been overwhelming. In fact, even Kimmel's "nemesis" Matt Damon even sent the family a gift.