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WATCH: J.Lo, DJ Khaled & Cardi B Drop "Dinero" Music Video

May 24, 2018

Hot off the heels of an EPIC performance during the Billboard Music Awards, the music video for the Jennifer Lopez led track, “Dinero,” has dropped. The bougey video does NOT disappoint.

Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled, and Cardi B show off a very rich and elegant lifestyle throughout the music video that has us dreaming about that cash!

In fact, “rich and elegant” does not even begin to illustrate how crazy it all is in the video.

In one of our favorite scenes, DJ Khaled actually lights money on fire. So, of course, J.Lo responds by roasting marshmallows over the fiery money pit.

Another one of our favorite scenes is when we see J.Lo walking a pet ostrich through the grounds of a mansion. Then moments later she is seen eating a Jersey Mike’s sandwich on a staircase.

Yeah, this video truly has it all.

Of course, the “Spanglish” track is already being looked at as a possible contender for the "song of the summer." Could it be? We think so!