Mark J. Rebilas, USA Today

WATCH: John Legend Makes Mundane Things Sound Sexy

By: Joe Hyer

April 26, 2017

John Legend can make anything sound sexy, right?

His soothing vocals could probably make a grocery list sound sexy. Well, last night he basically did just that on The Late Show last night (April 25).

Legend was challenged by the show's host, Stephen Colbert, to make "mundane things sound sexy." So Legend used his voice and piano to heat up late night television (he even had some help from his old pal, Dr. John). 

The "All of Me" singer managed to make a boring shopping trip to Costco sound super sexy. He even managed to make the usually annoying pill in your sweater sound super hot in the clip below.

See for yourself in this clip:

Thanks, John! You always keep it sexy for us.