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WATCH: Justin Bieber Dances to Ed Sheeran Song & Trims the Tree... Shirtless

By: Hayden Wright

December 14, 2017

It wouldn't be the holidays if Justin Bieber wasn't trimming the tree shirtless. Oh, and he also seems to be enjoying some of Ed Sheeran's latest music.

The Purpose pop star posted a time-lapse video of himself decorating his Christmas tree... without a shirt. You can watch his holiday decorations come together bulb by bulb. At one point he grabs a stepladder to reach the highest boughs:

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It's one of the hottest songs in the country right now, so Justin shared Instagram videos from a dance studio in which he tries out some interpretive dance moves to Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

In one video, Bieber does a somersault. 

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In the other, he does a kind of pirouette, writing “I’m gonna get this dancing thing down.” It’s not clear how hard he’s trying to dance well or why he’s practicing dance steps to Sheeran’s song.

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Maybe next year Selena Gomez will be there to help prepare for the holidays.