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WATCH: P!nk Performs Gravity-Defying 'Beautiful Trauma' in Downtown L.A. at the American Music Awards

By: Hayden Wright

November 20, 2017

P!nk is known for gravity-defying aerial stunts in concert and during awards broadcasts, but her performance at the 2017 American Music Awards took her thrill-seeking to new heights.

During the live telecast, P!nk scaled the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and performed with a team of dancers in the sky. Countless stories off the ground and secured by a harness, she twirled and nailed complicated choreography in the air.

P!nk performed “Beautiful Trauma” from her 2017 album of the same name. The ambitious moment recalled the moment when P!nk stunned the world with her “Glitter in the Air” performance at the 2010 GRAMMY Awards.

On the ground, host Tracee Ellis Ross introduced P!nk’s performance and marveled at the feat of athleticism she just witnessed. During the set, P!nk walked along the side of the building, backed by a handful of brave backup dancers. Her excellent live vocal downplayed the serious physical commitment—not to mention any fear of heights.