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The Weeknd Got Caught Creepin' On Selena Gomez

July 6, 2017

Admit it: you've done it. You're creeping on someone's Instagram page, and suddenly you find yourself accidentally liking that picture from 2015.

It's so easy to double click on that post, right? Now there's a <3 showing on that old photo, and you're like: "OH NO!" You're totally busted. 

Well, that's probably NOT what happened here. But it seems as if The Weeknd was just "stalking" his boo, Selena Gomez

Some astute fans noticed that The Weeknd just liked a bunch of Selena's older Instagram posts. Those photos dated back as far as 2012. 

If that isn't love then we don't know what love really is. 

Hey, at least The Weeknd wasn't stalking an ex-girlfriend. That would have been WAY more awkward.